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Established from the bone marrow metastasis of a 17-year-old man with undifferentiated (standard classification) or unclassified (Palmer classification) alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma; cells were described as carrying a p53 mutation, expressing high levels of both myogenin and myoD, and expressing the Pax3/FKHR fusion protein secondary to the t(2;13)(q35;q14) translocation
Recommended Medium
90-95% RPMI-1640 + 5-10% h.i. FBS
Culture Properties
adherent epithelial-like cells growing as monolayer
Human flat moded hypotetraploid karyotype with 20% polyploidy - 78-87<4n>XX, -3, -4, -4, +5, +7, +7, -10, -10, -12, -12, -15, -19, +20, +20, +20, -21, +1-2mar, +0-4 dmin, add(1)(p11), del(5)(q13), add(16)(p13), del(16)(p13.2) - sideline with i(3q)
Quality Control
Mycoplasma: negative in microbiological culture, PCR assays
Immunology: cytokeratin -, desmin +, endothel -, EpCAM -, GFAP -, neurofilament -, vimentin +
Viruses: PCR: EBV -, HBV -, HCV -, HIV -, HTLV-I/II -, SMRV -
Storage and Shipping
Frozen with 70% medium, 20% FBS, 10% DMSO at about 2 x 10^6 cells/ampoule; ship in dry ice; store in liquid nitrogen
Citation Guidance
If you use this products in your scientific publication, it should be cited in the publication as: Creative Bioarray cat no. If your paper has been published, please click here to submit the PubMed ID of your paper to get a coupon.

For research use only. Not for any other purpose.

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How is a Trypan blue exclusion assay used to determine cell viability?

The Trypan blue exclusion assay involves staining dead cells with Trypan blue, which cannot penetrate the membrane of live cells, allowing for differentiation between live and dead cells under a microscope.

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The retinoblastoma cells we purchased from Creative Bioarray have been an integral part of our research project. Their consistent and reliable behavior has allowed us to generate robust and reproducible data.

07 May 2023

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