Custom 3D Cell Culture Services

Creative Bioarray has extensive experiences in developing highly functional 3D cell culture models that exhibit more physiological relevance.

The conventional two-dimension (2D) culture systems in which cells grow on flat glass or polystyrene substrates have been routinely applied in life science researches and drug discovery for the past decades. However, 2D cell culture has been continuously challenged for its incompetence to mimic natural structural organization in a living organism. Cells cultured in a two-dimension environment exhibit compromised properties such as morphology, proliferation, differentiation and response to drugs.

Therefore, great efforts have been made to develop 3D cell culture models which showed great potential to overcome the shortfalls of 2D cell cultures. 3D models provide environments allowing cells to interact with each other and with their surroundings. Compared to 2D cell cultures, 3D models have shown many advantages:

  • 3D models exhibit more in-vivo like tissues and microenvironments.
  • Cell-to-cell and cell-to-ECM (Extracellular Matrix) interactions are increased in 3D models which are important for differentiation, proliferation and normal cell function.
  • 3D models show oxygen, nutrient, waste and drug concentration gradient.
  • Some animal experiments can be replaced by 3D models built with human cells in preclinical studies, thus obtain a more reliable data to reduce cost and shorten period in drug discovery.

Numerous technologies have been developed for 3D models including scaffold-based (such as ECM-based hydrogels) cell cultures and scaffold-free cell cultures (such as spheroids). 3D models have been widely employed in various research areas. In cancer research, 3D tumor models, recapitulating the tumor microenvironment, have been increasingly utilized in studying tumorigenesis and anti-cancer drug discovery as excellent models. A variety of cell sources can be used to generate 3D models, including cell lines, primary cells, and genetically modified cells. However, establishment of a proper 3D models fitting to special applications can be complex and resource-demanding, and requires in-depth knowledge.

With extensive expertise and experience in the field of 3D cell culture, Creative Bioarray strives to relieve our customers from this cumbersome process by providing two solutions to 3D models developments:

We provide ready-to-use 3D cell cultures of your choice. 3D cell cultures generated from various cell lines and primary cells are available. Our ready-to-use 3D cell cultures are highly functional and are amenable to high/live content imaging and a wide range of functional endpoint assays.
We establish protocols for 3D model development tailored to your specifications (using mixed cell types are possible)
Creative Bioarray is staffed by scientific teams specialized in 3D cell culture who are competent to establish scaffold-based or scaffold-free 3D models tailored to your specifications. Upon requests, we can evaluate the proliferation, viability or gene expression in the 3D models. A professional and detailed protocol will be delivered to you.

Our Custom Cell Culture Services allows you to focus on using 3D models not generating them, and thus speeds up your scientific researches or drug discovery.

Custom 3D Cell Culture Services

If you have any special needs in 3D cell culture, please contact us for this special service. Let us know what you need and we will accommodate you. We look forward to working with you in the future.

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