iPSC Expanding Service

The discovery and development of human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology has been revolutionary for biomedical science. iPSCs can be used not only as a regenerative source of islets, dopaminergic neurons, retinal cells, and cardiomyocytes but also for a variety of biomedical applications, including toxicity testing. To generate cell numbers with applications, scalable and robust methods need to be developed to enable large-scale production of iPSCs.

Different approach of the scalable expansion and differentiation of iPSCs.Fig. 1 Different approach of the scalable expansion and differentiation of iPSCs. (Kwok CK, et al., 2022)

As an innovative biotechnology company, Creative Bioarray has the experience and capacity to provide outstanding iPSC expanding services. We pledge to provide high-quality and safe products and services through robust and effective quality systems, process controls, rigorous performance criteria, and testing. Our experts will also be available to you should there be any need for future advice.

Growth Conditions Provided for Cell Line Expansion

  • Feeder dependent. The growth of iPSC on fibroblast feeder cell layers has gradually been transitioning toward feeder-free (FF) due to the greater convenience of FF cultures. However, if our client's cells are currently feeder layer-dependent or only want to take advantage of the robustness of feeder layer-dependent culture to expand cells. We offer the service of using feeder layers to expand cells to meet our customers' scientific needs.
  • Feeder-free. Feeder-free cell culture is an important milestone in human pluripotent stem cell research. We use a variety of FF mediums including ReproFF2, ReproXF, Nutristem, StemFit, and others. These mediums are devoid of animal origin components, giving our clients an extra assurance of safety and regulatory compliance.

Our iPSC Expanding Services

iPSC Expanding Based on Planar Culture

In addition to providing small-scale iPSC cultures on plasticware, such as cell culture dishes, multi-well plates, and T-flasks, we also help our customers develop multi-layer plasticware. These allow increasing the surface area of the 2D adherent culture process to obtain higher numbers of iPSC.

iPSC Expanding Based on Suspension Culture

The 3D suspension culture platforms we offered have been increasingly used for the expansion of iPSCs, especially when large numbers of cells are required. These platforms are more easily expanded by increasing the culture volume while maintaining the same cell density.

  • Cells are first expanded on encapsulated microcarriers that remain suspended in the bioreactor, which can increase the available surface area for cell attachment several-fold.
  • After a period of incubation, the cells can be dissociated from the microcarriers by chemical or enzymatic treatment. We can also provide soluble microcarriers that do not negatively affect cell viability.

Our Featured Services

  • Diverse cell expansion options
  • Easy-to-control, flexible incubation system
  • Full range of related services

Creative Bioarray provides cost-effect, high-quality, and hassle-free services to our clients worldwide. We provide our clients with direct access to our experts as well as prompt responses to their inquiries. If you have any special needs or questions regarding our services, please feel free to contact us or make an online inquiry.


  1. Kwok CK, et al. (2022). "Scalable expansion of iPSC and their derivatives across multiple lineages." Reprod Toxicol. 112, 23-35.

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