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Neurological Disorder Modeling and Assays


Neurological Disorder Modeling and Assays

The adult central nervous system (CNS) of mammals has very limited regenerative capacity. Understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms that control sequential steps in adult neurogenesis is critical for study the new strategies of therapy for CNS.

There are many diseases with different pathophysiology affecting diverse regions of the human CNS, for example, Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and Parkinson’s disease (PD). These two Neurodegenerative diseases are the two common diseases that affect our life mostly. Although now there is an increased understanding of the pathways involved in their pathophysiology, such as protein aggregation and inclusion body formation leading to the molecular mechanisms of cellular toxicity. There is a great need for new approaches to facilitate the rational therapeutics for neurological diseases.

Creative Bioarray is offering in vitro modeling and assays for mechanistic studies and target identification in central neural diseases and related disorders. We aim to offer a reproducible, easily available, and affordable method with qualities that enable studies of disease pathophysiology to improve the process of drug discovery of Neurological disorders and diseases. Our services include:

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Neurological Disorder:

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