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Mucosa Mucous membranes line the digestive, respiratory, and reproductive tracts and are the primary barrier between the external world and the interior of the body.

Creative Bioarray provides in vitro models and assays to help pharmaceutical industries to develop better oral, gingival, eye and airway mucosal care formulations and products in preclinical stage.

Your Needs

  • You want to find innovative efficacy assays on Dermatology.
  • You wish to screen active ingredients, and characterize the efficacy of Dermatological formulations.
  • You’d like to test the safety of your Dermatological products in preclinical researches.
  • You are looking for a customized service for special requirements on your efficacy or safety tests.

Our Capability

Creative Bioarray will assist you with meeting your objectives and support your projects. Creative Bioarray offers various in vitro and ex vivo mucosal models, and comprehensive in vitro and ex vivo testing and compound irritation and toxicity tests for mucosal researches.

Models Available

  • Reconstructed human cornea-like Epithelium (RhCE) model

- RhCE model is a highly predictive non-animal alternative to assess eye irritation, drug delivery, infection, wound healing/tissue regeneration and disease modeling.

  • Oral & Gingival mucosa model

- Creative Bioarray's in vitro Oral Mucosa model could be applied to in vitro oral irritation, toxicity, tolerance test, and in vitro dental material assessment. The models are very similar to in vivo mucosa in terms of morphology, of differentiation markers and of functional characteristics.

  • In vitro airway tissue model

- Creative Bioarray's in vitro airway tissue model could be applied to in vitro respiratory toxicity testing, it is very similar to in vivo airway mucosa in terms of morphology, of differentiation markers and of functional characteristics.

  • Related cell products

- Creative Bioarray provides the most comprehensive list of primary cells and tumor cell line for your researches, including Respiratory cells and lung cell, Human corneal epithelial cells (HCECs) & HCE-T Cell line.

Assays Available

- Creative Bioarray provides in vitro eye Irritation test services to help industries evaluate eye Irritation potential for their chemicals and cosmetic products. Learn more…

- Oral mucosa irritation test, Safety Evaluation on dental Materials, Oral mucosa toxicity test, Gingival mucosa toxicity test, or any customized in vitro assays available at Creative Bioarray. Learn more…

- Cytotoxicity test including lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) or adenylate kinase (AK); Tissue viability test including MTT assay, WST-8 assay, and ATP content assay; and histology assessment are available based on your specific demands. Learn more…

  • Other mucosal customized service

- Contact Creative Bioarray for more customized mucosal tests.

Need help?

If you have any needs or questions, please contact us at or 1-631-626-9181. Our customer service representatives are available 24hr a day! We thank you for choosing Creative Bioarray services!

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