Cell Viability Assays

Cell Viability Assays

Cell viability analyses are crucial for evaluation of cell health and compound toxicity. Cell viability is measured by determining the number of living and dead cells in a total cell sample. An increase in cell viability is accompanied by cell growth, while a decrease in cell viability can indicate the toxic effects of compounds or suboptimal culture conditions. Creative Bioarray offers a wide selection of cell viability assays for drug screening and cytotoxicity tests of chemicals.

Cell viability can be detected based on many different parameters: the redox potential of the cell population, the integrity of cell membranes, or the activity of cellular enzymes such as esterases. Each assay provides a different snapshot of cell health, and can individually or together form the basis of an assay for cell viability, cytotoxicity, or drug efficacy with several integrated components.

Creative Bioarray is capable of providing various options for cell viability assays and compound profiling service based on cell viability:

  • MTT/MST/WST-8/WST-1/CKK-8 assays
  • Trypan blue assays
  • Calcein-AM assays
  • Fluorescent reactive dye assays
  • Single/Two color viability assays
  • Microplate cell viability assays


  • Sensitive and accurate result
  • Bright fluorescence signal
  • High-throughput compound screenings
  • Time-efficient
  • Flexible options based on the customer’s requirements

Viability measurements can be used for many applications. First of all, determining the viability of cultured cells in an essential process prior to any cell-based study, only a healthy culture will show reliable and reproducible results. By using cell viability assays, researchers can look at the effect of pharmacological compounds on cells, and optimize cell culture conditions or ensure optimal conditions of cells before starting experiments. In addition, it may also be used to evaluate the death or life of cancerous cells and the rejection of implanted organs. In other applications, these tests might calculate the effectiveness of a pesticide or insecticide, or evaluate environmental damage due to toxins.

Example Result

Two-color viability assays

Figure a. Two-color viability assays

Single viability assays

Figure b. Single viability assays

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