Cell Services

Creative Bioarray offers a wide range of cell services for global clients. Over 10+ years’ experience in cell biology and cell culture, we can recommend strategies and provide contract services for cell-based assays, including cell line tests, stem cell research and iPS cell research. In addition, custom cell services also can be provided. Our staff can apply the scientific approach and the top skill of cell culture to your projects with the professional technique and knowledge. Besides, our laboratory is GLP and GMP standard compliant to satisfy project objectives, supporting your custom assay development through pre-clinical assay validation to clinical drug development.

Overview of cell biology

Cell biology is a branch of biology, and the main research contents include the different structures and functions of the cell, especially the actions of the cell as the basic unit of life. Cell biology explains the structure, organization of the organelles they contain, their physiological properties, metabolic processes, Signaling pathways, life cycle, and interactions with their environment. Understanding the components of cells and how they work is fundamental to all biological sciences. Meanwhile, it is also essential for research in biomedical fields such as cancer, and other diseases. It's worth noting that cell biology is closely related to genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology, and developmental biology.

Our Services

Cell Line Research

Cell Services

Cell line Research can range from cell immortalized, authentication to cell-based assays. Based on these services, we can provide high throughput screening assays and other custom bioassays to characterize cell line for our clients.

Stem Cell Research

Cell Services

As a leader company in the field of stem cell science, Creative Bioarray's expertise in stem cell consists of the separation, identification and cultivation, and our quality control is unparalleled. Utilize our stem cell research services for your product, and gain the confidence that comes from more than a decade of stem cell experience.

iPS Cell Research

Cell Services

Multiple reprogramming methods are used to induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, including mRNA reprogramming, dox-inducible human 4F2A reprogramming and lentivirus reprogramming. These technologies have been adopted and developed in close collaboration with leading iPS cell pioneers. Our skilled scientist team can produce well-established iPS cell products by customization of individual transcription factors, optimization of cell culture conditions and delivery systems.

Custom Cell Service

Cell Services

Due to decades’ experience of isolating dozens of cell types from human and animal tissues, we provide donor matched cell sets and a wide array of QC and cell characterization services. And all services can be tailored to the client's specific needs.

Creative Bioarray is a leading contract research organization specialized in the cell study. We can provide cell services on a number of different organs and tissues depending on your needs, and all of the results can be used in formal. Our perfect technology platforms and expertized technicians both guarantee the results’ reliability and veracity. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

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