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In Situ Detection of Chemokines/Cytokines


Recent exciting progress in cancer immunotherapy has ushered in a new era of cancer treatment. Immunotherapy can elicit unprecedented durable response in advanced cancer patients that are much greater than conventional chemotherapy. However, such responses only occur in a relatively small fraction of patients. A positive response to immunotherapy usually relies on dynamic interactions between tumor cells and immunomodulators inside the tumor microenvironment (TME). Depending on the context of these interactions, the TME may play important roles to either dampen or enhance immune responses. Extensive studies show that some of these chemokines and cytokines participate in or represent a series of important immune and pathological processes, and the detection of these chemokines and cytokines can improve our understanding of these immunotherapeutic mechanisms. The chemokines and cytokines include the chemokine CXCL13, interleukin-6 (IL-6), interleukin 17A, interleukin 10 (IL-10), and IFNγ.

Creative Bioarray now offers the In Situ Detection of Chemokines/Cytokines service for you from the assay development, validation and final testing and analysis services. We can combine the use of immunohistochemistry and FISH for optimal detection of the chemokines/cytokines. Our team is dedicated to developing excellent services for our clients.

Role of Cytokines in cancer  Figure1. Role of Cytokines in cancer

A. Rare IFNG expressing infiltrating CD3+ T cell in tumor microenvironment  Figure 2. A. Rare IFNG expressing infiltrating CD3+ T cell in tumor microenvironment; Hs-CD3D (Green); Hs-IFNG (Red); B. CXCL13 mRNA detection in a gastric cancer sample


  • In Situ detect the distribution of chemokines/cytokines in tumor cells or tissues
  • Assess the antitumor effect of chemokines/cytokines
  • Confirm chemokines/cytokines expression in FFPE tissues
  • Quantify chemokines/cytokines expression in FFPE tissues


  • Accurate-In Situ Detection Service-Custom design your probe
  • Value – We focus on the quality of our service and all supported by competitive pricing
  • Efficiency – We are able to provide the fastest turnaround time of any supplier in the industry

Creative Bioarray offers In Situ Detection of Chemokines/Cytokines services for your scientific research as follows:

  • Probe design
  • Probe synthesis
  • Optimization of FISH protocols
  • FISH on samples
  • Imaging
  • Data analysis

Quotation and ordering

Call us today at 631-626-9181 or email us at  for a quotation or if any questions! Our customer service representatives are available 24hr a day! We thank you for choosing Creative Bioarray at your preferred In Situ Detection of chemokines/cytokines services.


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