Respiratory Disease Models

Respiratory disease affects 1 in 5 people and is the third biggest cause of death in the world. Respiratory disease may affect any of the structures and organs that have to do with breathing, including the nasal cavities, the pharynx (or throat), the larynx, the trachea (or windpipe), the bronchi and bronchioles, the tissues of the lungs, and the respiratory muscles of the chest cage.

Animal models of respiratory disease serve a vital function in the development for novel therapeutic approaches. Respiratory system models are experimental systems that recreate aspects of human respiratory system development, function or disease. Animal models such as dog, rodent and pig can be used to study infectious and genetic respiratory illnesses.

Creative Bioarray provides a wide range of models in preclinical respiratory disease. Our disease models are suitable for testing new drugs or compounds that act on disease targets.

Our portfolio of respiratory disease models include:

Respiratory Disease Models

Our capabilities for analyses include but not limited to:

  • Respiratory parameters (Whole Body Plethysmography)
  • Cytokine level assessment
  • Chemical induction

We typically combine these parameters with studies of specific biomarkers through histological assays and ELISA assays (cell biomarkers, cytokines). This combination of different technologies makes us an ideal and reliable supplier, enabling us to quickly answer the potential effects of your compounds on respiratory diseases and perform high-level studies. We also offer you the option to screen compounds with a simplified solution, so you can save time researching potential new drugs.

We have extensive experience and numerous scientific publications, while having a proven track record with compounds reaching clinical evaluation in this therapeutic area. To discuss any of these models further or to discuss the possibility of developing alternative models, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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