Drug Efficacy Test

Drug Efficacy Test

Cancer drug discovery relies mostly on testing the effects of therapeutics in tumor cell lines. However, drugs optimized to be highly effective on the 2D cultures are often lack of showing the expected efficacy on clinical trials. Substantial research efforts have demonstrated that 3D cell culture systems can better mimic and predict biological responses of living organisms. 3D in vitro tumor models are particularly useful to recapitulate tumor heterogeneity and microenvironment, fostering the discovery of therapeutics with improved clinical efficiency. Creative Bioarray believes that the evaluation of drug efficacy early during development can help to identify sources of potential drug resistance, and the read-outs of drug efficacy need to be capable of providing a specific quantitative measurement for our customers. Thus, we provide the adequacy of the assays for drug efficacy read-out measurements, and all these measurements are carefully evaluated and discussed.

Creative Bioarray drug efficacy test service advantages

  • Test your compounds by choosing cells from our comprehensive human and animal cell bank or sending your own cells.
  • Set the measurement parameters according to different biological relevance of the tumor models.
  • Read-outs of drug efficacy cover most evaluation aspects.
  • High-throughput screening.
  • Read-outs from the same 3D cells over multiple time points to perform kinetic assays.


Drug Efficacy Test


Creative Bioarray provides comprehensive drug efficacy testing services with a variety of measurements:

  • Spheroid size and cell death measurements: Real-time monitoring (kinetic-size profiling) of 3D cancer cells growth with multiple readings, such as spheroid number, area and volume
  • EC50/IC50 calculations: The indicators of potency and efficacy of the compounds
  • ATP content: Predict with high confidence health, growth and energy status of 3D tumor cells of interest
  • Emax: which provides information on the residual tumor cells after drug treatment to understand drug resistance and tumor relapse

Study examples

Drug Efficacy TestFigure. The correlation between cell viability and 3D tumor spheroids size suppression for 3D ovarian cancer spheroids.

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