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Our Promise to You

Gene-Edited iPSCs

In recent years, the application of CRISPR-mediated gene editing in iPS cells has attracted more and more attention. It has great potential application value in the establishment of disease models and mechanism research, cell therapy, drug discovery and evaluation.

Gene-Edited iPSCs

With over a decade of experience in the iPSC field, we understand that high-quality genome editing is challenging, with significant risks and costs if not performed well. But like you, we also see the enormous value in human iPSCs for building better, more physiologically relevant models of human disease.

Creative Bioarray has many years of experience in cell gene editing and stem cell culture, and has the ability to achieve gene editing in iPS cells. When you can't find the right iPSC line or iPSC donor material to create a cell-based model for a specific disease, Creative Bioarray can help.


Description: The FOXG1 Knock-out Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells is generated by homozygous...

Cat#: CSC-00878L INQUIRY

Description: LLGL1 (LLGL Scribble Cell Polarity Complex Component 1) is a protein-coding gene...

Cat#: CSC-00879L INQUIRY

Description: AFF2 (ALF Transcription Elongation Factor 2) is a protein-coding gene. Diseases associated...

Cat#: CSC-00880L INQUIRY

Description: KCNK3 (Potassium Two Pore Domain Channel Subfamily K Member 3) is a protein-coding...

Cat#: CSC-00881L INQUIRY

Description: PLN (Phospholamban) is a protein-coding gene. Diseases associated with PLN include...

Cat#: CSC-00882L INQUIRY

Description: LRP1 (LDL Receptor Related Protein 1) is a protein-coding gene. Diseases associated...

Cat#: CSC-00883L INQUIRY

Description: ABCA7 (ATP Binding Cassette Subfamily A Member 7) is a protein-coding gene. Diseases...

Cat#: CSC-00884L INQUIRY

Description: APOE (Apolipoprotein E) is a protein-coding gene. Diseases associated with APOE include...

Cat#: CSC-00885L INQUIRY

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