Creative Bioarray provides models and assays to help industries to develop better Dermatological formulations and products in preclinical stage.

Your Needs

  • You want to find innovative efficacy assays on Dermatology.
  • You wish to screen active ingredients, and characterize the efficacy of Dermatological formulations.
  • You’d like to test the safety of your Dermatological products in preclinical researches.
  • You are looking for a customized service for special requirements on your efficacy or safety tests.

Our Capability

Creative Bioarray will assist you with meeting your objectives and support your projects. Creative Bioarray comprehensive in vitro and ex vivo testing and compound efficacy assays for Dermatological researches by using our in vitro and ex vivo skin models.

Assays Available

Skin irritation


-- Skin irritation testing becomes an important requisite of the preparation of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Creative Bioarray's skin irriation test is preformed using our in vitro human epidermis (RHE) based on the OECD Test guidelines 439. We follow the standardised skin irritation test procedure within the OECD guidelines. Learn more…

Skin corrosion


-- Creative Bioarray's skin corrosion test is preformed using our or the customer's Reconstructed human epidermis (RHE) based on the OECD Test guidelines 431. We provide in vitro testing services utilized by the cosmetics, personal care, household products, chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. Learn more…



-- Creative Bioarray offers our customer in vitro pharmacology assays and compound testing service such as histology, ultrastructure, cytokine release, and protein expression of the Psoriasis skin model, dedicating to the evaluation of pharmacological efficacy of your products. We help evaluate pharmacological efficacy and screen compound and ingredients. Learn more…

Wound healing


-- A better understanding of the wound healing process leads to generating better products that aid in healing hard-to-heal wounds. Creative Bioarray provides in vitro tests including cell proliferation, migration, Invasion, sequential expression of tissue repair markers(cytokine secretion) and so on. Learn more…

Atopic dermatitis


-- Creative Bioarray dedicates in developing and validating predictive in vitro pharmacological testing for screening or evaluating potential modulators of atopic dermatitis before clinical trials. Assay endpoints include Th2/Th22 cytokine release, Ig production, skin sensitization , activation of inflammatory response and so on. Learn more…

Percutaneous absorption


-- Creative Bioarray provides in vitro percutaneous absorption testing performed for pharmaceutical, dermatological and cosmetics industries to help screening percutaneous absorption drugs or products. Percutaneous absorption/Drug transport testing based on OECD 428. Learn more…

Skin sensitization


-- Creative Bioarray can provide a range of services to evaluate skin sensitization by using our skin models or cell lines include In Vitro Sensitization Assay (IVSA), Human Cell Line Activation Test (h-CLAT), Direct Peptide Reactivity Assay (DPRA) and KeratinoSens Assay. Learn more…

Need help?

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