Immune cell therapy

Cancer is a major threat to public health. Current treatments for cancer are unable to meet needs of patients. We believe that immune cell therapy is a new technology that has the potential to alleviate much of the burden of these chronic and degenerative diseases in a cost-effective manner.

Using living immune cells to target specific cancer molecules has been developed in these days. The immune cells have a prolonged lifespan and can replicate in the patient, providing long term protection against newly developing cancer cells. Also, the cells become part of the patient’s own immune system, making this a natural approach to the treatment of cancer.

Immune cell therapy

Workflow—Related products

Cell collection

  • Cell Selection Kit
  • Cell Differentiation and Expansion Kits
  • Cell Freezing Medium

Cell processing and culture

  • Medium (Liquid/Powder)
  • Cytokines and Growth factors
  • Lipofectamine transfection reagents

Cell verification

  • Antibody Arrays
  • Luminex Assays and High Performance Assays
  • ELISA Kits

Cell function

  • Cell Proliferation Kit
  • Cell Viability Kit
  • Mycoplasma Detection Kit
  • Flow cytometry and antibodies
  • Endotoxin quantitation kit
  • Imaging dyes

Creative Bioarray provides high quality GMP clinical products for your needs in immune cell therapy. With leading-edge technologies and innovative methods, many different types of cells, reagents and kits could be used as part of a therapy or treatment for a variety of diseases and conditions. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our capabilities and services.

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