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Our Promise to You

CABR™ Chromosome Probes

CABRTM Chromosome Probes

Creative Bioarray is dedicated to offering a portfolio of CABRTM chromosome probes for our customers to detect the amplification, deletion, and translocation of genes and improve chromosome studies, which contain whole chromosome painting probes, centromere probes, subtelomere specific probes, satellite enumeration probes. With years of expertise, our scientists have deep FISH probes knowledge and provide customers a full range of high-quality probe products which cover every human chromosome to best match their research goals.

List of CABRTM Chromosome Probes

Whole Chromosome Painting Probes

We have a full range of DNA probe library that uses fluorescently labeled specific chromosomes (whole chromosome, specific chromosome arm, or chromosome fragments). The DNA was prepared by chromosomal staining, and then the probe was hybridized to the mitotic phase (chromosome separation) by fluorescence in situ hybridization. When hybridization is complete, the effect of multicolor coating is produced at the hybrid site. We can then observe the fluorescent intensity on the chromosome under fluorescence microscope to analyze and study the chromosome reorganization, aberrations, and homologous genes.

Centromere Probes

Our centromere probes can bind the centromere regions of a particular chromosome to measure the number and type of specific chromosomes. The centromere probe binds to the repeating alpha satellite DNA sequence. The repetitive sequence of DNA is different from other DNA, which is tightly wound throughout the cell cycle.

Subtelomere Specific Probes

Our subtelomere specific probes have been used to focus on specific subtelomere regions and have evolved in new disease syndrome studies. Subtelomeres specific probes can also be used for autism, recurrent miscarriage and other aspects of research.

Satellite Enumeration Probes

We provide CABRTM satellite enumeration probes specifically recognize highly repetitive DNA sequences in 24 human chromosomes. These highly repetitive DNA sequences are present in the chromosomal centromere, centromere, and heterochromatin regions.

Our Advantages

  • Our chromosome probes products are highly specific and sensitive in the identification of human pathology.
  • Our centromere probes can be used for the detection of chromosome monomeric or aneuploidy, and also can be a reference probe for other genes.
  • Our subtelomere specific probes are selected from the unique sequence at the end to obtain the most probable chromosome specificity that can be used for routine subtelomeres enumeration and integrity testing.

Creative Bioarray has spent years of hardworking in the chromosome probe field. We are very glad to provide our clients with high-quality chromosome probes to meet your needs. Not only our products are efficient and available at low cost, but also our experts will try their best to offer the professional assistance for you. If you have any additional requirements or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you in the future.

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