Telomere Length Analysis (Q-FISH)

Telomeres are composed of repetitions of tandem DNA sequences (TTAGGG) and located at the ends of chromosomes. Their function is to maintain chromosome integrity and protect these ends from wear caused during cell division, ensuring correct functioning and cell viability. Telomeres shorten progressively with the cycles of cell division, until you reach a critically short length, which triggers cell death or replicative senescence. Telomeric length is one of the best biomarkers of the degree of aging of the organism. Q-FISH with PNA telomeric probe is a great approach for the quantitative measurement of the length of DNA fragments hybridize with the probe. The resolution of Q-FISH was estimated to be 200bp, and the mean fluorescence intensity of telomeres measured by Q-FISH correlated with the mean size of telomere restriction fragments. Creative Bioarray is a leading FISH service provider that focuses on research, diagnostic and therapeutic use. We can provide the Telomere Length Analysis (Q-FISH) service for you with the best quality and most competitive price.

Telomere Length Analysis (Q-FISH)Figure 1. telomeres length analysis in CML patient samples
The left panel is a picture of the metaphase chromosome (blue) and the telomere signal (green spot) obtained by the Q-FISH method, and the right panel is the Z value obtained from each telomere in the left panel. The figure is a 7q-extended telomere. It can be seen that the signal intensity of 7q is significantly stronger than that of other chromosomal arms, and its Z value is also significantly larger than other telomeres.


  • Mean telomere length
    This information is not sufficient to identify premature telomere shortening, because small changes in the percentage of short telomeres are not necessarily reflected in the average telomere length.
  • Short telomeres
    Scientific evidence shows that this is the information that is correlated with aging.


  • High accuracy and sensitivity
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Competitive pricing

Creative Bioarray offers Telomere Length Analysis (Q-FISH) for your scientific research as follows:

  • Probe synthesis
  • Sample preparation
  • Optimization of FISH protocols
  • Perform Q-FISH (or Flow-FISH)
  • Imaging
  • Data analysis

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