Drug Efficacy Evaluation

Drug Efficacy Evaluation

The progress from drug discovery to its commercialization is complex, lengthy and expensive. Before a new drug comes to market, it should be tested and evaluated from several ways as follows:

Drug efficacy evaluation provides an analytic framework for making better decisions about a new drug’s appropriate place in therapy.

Many experimental cancer models have been developed to investigate carcinogenesis, cancer progression, metastasis, and other aspects in oncology and these models turned out to be useful in the efficacy evaluation and the safety prediction of oncology drugs.

Drug Efficacy Evaluation

Creative Bioarray offers several assays to evaluate a compound's effects on tumor cells in vitro, including cell cycle assays, proliferation, apoptosis, migration & invasion, cytotoxicity, and cell-based drug discovery services. We also perform a number of evaluation assays in vivo. Using various tumor cell lines, primary cultured cells, and animal tumor models, we examine causes of cell viability and metabolism by compounds or drugs to investigate mechanisms of efficiency and toxicity of pharmaceuticals. We conduct experiments using multiple advanced analysis systems and technologies, such as flow cytometers, laser scanning cytometers, laser capture microdissection systems, real-time PCR systems, and DNA microarray analysis systems.

Within decades of research experience on drug efficacy evaluation, Creative Bioarray is always ready to provide study design and experiment for customers to facilitate their research on drug discovery and screening.


  • Get robust results with a fast turnaround time
  • Obtain rich data generated by our dedicated team of scientists
  • Satisfy different demands using various cell lines and diversified advanced analysis systems


Drug Efficacy Evaluation

Study examples

Drug Efficacy Evaluation

Fig.1 Determination of cytostatic effect: cells and microtissues are treated with increasing doses of afatinib, cisplatin and vinorelbine for 24 and 48 h.

Drug Efficacy Evaluation

Fig.2 Dose–response curves of cisplatin

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