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  • Human Alveolar Epithelial Cells
  • Human Alveolar Epithelial Cells

    At the alveolar structure level, the epithelium, which is composed of type I and type II alveolar epithelial cells, represents a critical component of lung homeostasis.

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  • EUB338 Probes
  • EUB338 Probes

    Probe EUB 338, which is complementary to a portion of the 16S rRNA gene conserved in the domain Bacteria, was used to visualize the entire bacterial population in the specimens.

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  • Cell Biology

    Cell Immortalization Services

    iPSC Characterization & Differentiation Services

    Custom Cell Line Development Services

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  • Cell Biology
  • Molecular Biology

    ISH/FISH Services

    Biosample Services

    Histology Services

    Exosome Research Services

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  • Molecular Biology

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About Us

Creative Bioarray is an innovative biotechnology company whose mission focuses on developing unique technologies that provide global scientists with high quality products and satisfactory services to facilitate the investigation of life science researches.

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  • Drug Discovery Platform

    Creative Bioarray prides itself on offering our clients with unique, high-quality, distinctive, and tailored integrated drug discovery services. Our early discovery services support your compound from hit screening and identification to drug candidate selection and beyond.

    • In Vitro Screening
    • DMPK
    • In Vitro Toxicology
    • Safety Pharmacology
    • Animal Disease Models
    • Bioanalytical Sciences
  • Histopathology Platform

    Our histology platform and computational pathology team offer a comprehensive range of services, including tissue processing, routine & special staining, immunohistochemistry (IHC), in situ hybridization (ISH), molecular and digital pathology services, supporting your research with high-quality and reproducible results.

    • Routine & Special Staining
    • IHC & IF Staining
    • In Situ Hybridization (ISH)
    • PCR and Quantitative PCR
    • Chromosome Analysis
  • Cell Culture Platform

    With a deep understanding of cell culture and a focus on biomanufacturing, Creative Bioarray has become a trusted partner to the pharmaceutical industries, academic & research Institutions, and biotechnology & bioprocessing companies.

    • Cytokines
    • Cell Therapy
    • Bioprocessing Media
    • Custom Media Development Service
    • Custom Media Manufacturing Service
    • Classical Media, Supplements & Reagents
  • FISH Platform

    Let Creative Bioarray's unparalleled expertise and state-of-the-art facilities be your trusted partner for all of your cell line characterization as well as cell & gene therapy analysis studies.

    • Cell Line Characterization

      Apply powerful cytogenetic techniques for cell line characterization to address various questions related to genetic abnormalities and variants in cell lines.

    • Cell & Gene Therapy Analysis

      All of the resources you need to initiate a rigorous, customized biodistribution and shedding study.

  • Electrophysiology Platform

    With innovative electrophysiological technology platform, our talented scientists are confident in offering high-efficiency service for your ion channel drug discovery programs with the most competitive price.

    • Patch-Clamp Assay
    • Ionic Screening Panels
    • Cardiac Ion Channel Screening Panel
    • Cardiomyocyte Functions
    • Cardiotoxicity Studies