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In vitro Skin Models

In vitro Skin Models

Animal models have been proven to be not perfect for dermo-cosmetics testing, since animal models do not accurately represent the structure of human skin. The human skin specimens are at limited number, which are not sufficient for dermatological and cosmetic researches.

Advances had been made towards the use of in vitro human skin equivalents/models for dermal drug and cosmetic product testing. In vitro Skin Models (Human Skin Equivalent, FTSK, HSE) used under defined test conditions of­fer several advantages: i) since most models are composed of primary human cells, inter-species extrapolation is avoided; ii) in contrast to human skin specimens, repeated application of formulations can be performed for at least several weeks; iii) work with the ready to use tissue models do not require advanced knowledge of cell culture techniques; iv) the employment of in vitro skin models lead to the reduction of laboratory animal use in regulatory toxicology as well as in preclinical studies.

Creative Bioarray provides in vitro human skin tissue models for in vitro dermatology drug test services and in vitro cosmetic test services. Our models are very similar to human skin in terms of morphology, of differentiation markers and of functional characteristics.

In vitro Skin Models

Reconstructed human epidermis (RHE)

- Established from normal human keratinocytes cultured on an inert polycarbonate filter at the air-liquid interface, in a chemically defined medium. Learn more…

In vitro Skin Models

Full thickness skin model (FTSK)

- Composed of a dermal compartment containing human skin fibroblasts embedded in a collagen matrix and human keratinocytes seeded on top to form the epidermis. Learn more…

In vitro Skin Models

Ex vivo skin explants

- More appropriate for certain types of research, use of whole skin biopsies in culture allows the effect of individual ingredients and formulations, transdermal delivery, topical penetration and percutaneous absorption to be tested in an environment more closely mimicking normal skin. Learn more…

In vitro Skin Models

Neurodermatology skin model

- Generated by co-culturing of sensory neurons and skin cells, which can better simulate in vivo human skin and provide innovative solutions to the dermo-pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Learn more…

In vitro Skin Models

Pigmented epidermis model

- Composed of normal human keratinocytes cultivated in the presence of melanocytes of phototype II, IV or VI in the basal layer. Different tanning degrees of the skin constructs are available. Learn more…

In vitro Skin Models

Psoriasis skin model

- Co-culturing of keratinocytes, fibroblasts, dendritic cells, and T-cells, can be applied to screen candidate drugs and to gain a better understanding of the biological mechanisms involved in psoriatic disease. Learn more…

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In vitro Skin Models:

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