Metabolite Identification

Metabolism is the main process of clearance for approximately 70% of drugs. In the early stage of drug discovery, knowing the structures of metabolites from in vitro and in vivo metabolism studies is very useful, which could optimize the biopharmaceutical, efficacy and safety properties of lead candidates. Creative Bioarray provides a comprehensive service for the metabolites in biological matrices in support of drug development researches. This service can be provided as part of a full in vitro metabolism package or as a single assay.

Metabolite identification

The aim of this assay is to define metabolic pathways for drug candidates. The studies are often performed in vitro using enzyme sources including liver microsomes, S9 fraction, hepatocytes, and recombinant enzymes. Analytically the HPLC-MS/MS techniques are the routine tools for metabolite identification in all researches, supported partially by additional detection methods such as 3H or 14C-labeled radio-detection and UV/PDA. NMR spectroscopy is also a valuable tool. Furthermore, a synthetic chemistry service is also available to undertake synthesis of metabolites.

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