Psoriasis Skin Model

3D Psoriasis Skin Model occupies an intermediate position between cell cultures and animal-based models. Unlike cultured cells, they closely imitate changes in cell differentiation and metabolism, which are characteristic of psoriatic lesion skin. Because 3D models exclude nonspecific influences of the surrounding organs and tissues, in some studies they are preferred over animal-based models, as animal skin is not like human skin. Moreover, 3D Psoriasis skin Model can be used for drug screening and testing new pharmacological approaches.

Creative Bioarray provides ready-to-use 3D Psoriasis skin Model for our customers to enable the study of the disease, and to screen therapeutic candidates for safety and efficacy.

Creative Bioarray Psoriasis Skin Model Advantages

  • Psoriatic Human Tissue Phenotype
  • 3-Dimensional, Highly Differentiated
  • Highly Reproducible
  • Read to Use
  • Ideal for Drug Screening and Basic Studies
  • Cost Effective Alternative to Animal and Clinical Testing
  • Similar with in vivo Psoriasis Skin Condition

Psoriasis skin Model Fig.1 Masson's trichrome staining obtained from healthy(b) and psoriatic substitutes(a)

Specific Markers

  • Ki67
  • HBD2
  • Psoriasis
  • Elafin
  • Calgranulin C
  • Cytokeratin 16
  • And More
  • Fillagrin
  • IL-6
  • IL-8
  • GM-CSF
  • And More

Psoriasis skin Model Fig. 2 Proliferation and Differentiation markers


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