PK/PD Biomarker Analysis

The therapeutic effects of new candidates are influenced by ADME in the body. PK/PD assays are essential assays for researchers to develop new candidates. In addition to assessing the dynamic properties of new compounds through PK/PD, biomarker analysis is also used to predict drug efficiency in vivo. Nowadays, biomarker analysis is analytical measures that provide information that can be predicted or as an alternative endpoint.

Biomarkers contribute to the understanding of drug action patterns, can be involved in response to therapeutic management assessment, and are directly related to pharmacokinetic (PK) endpoints. They play an important role in drug development stage. At a time when drug approval rates are declining, the pharmaceutical industry needs biomarkers to predict efficacy and safety well. Therefore, we need to use some assays to quantify levels of biomarkers and explore identification assays to support different drug developmental stages.

Biomarker assays are often limited by rare and precious samples. Current immunoassays require pooling of samples from multiple animals and lack dynamic range and sensitivity. Miniaturizing and automating devices on Bioarray's platform can significantly solve these issues.

Our advantages:

  • Sensitivity and dynamic range (quantitative limit reduced to unit pg/ml)
  • Quick results (automated analysis workflow)
  • Low sample consumption (4 μl are enough for duplicate assays)

Creative Bioarray's bioanalytical laboratories can develop and validate methods for analyzing biomarkers in preclinical and clinical samples such as plasma, serum, urine, tissue and cerebrospinal fluid. We provide assays depending on your development phase and purpose regarding the biomarker:

PK/PD Biomarker Analysis

Service include:

  • Predict drug response
  • Monitor disease
  • Prognosis of patients
  • Steer dose selection
  • Patient stratification

Analysis instrument:

  • LC-MS/MS systems coupled with HPLC and UPLC
  • Immunohistochemistry platform
  • Real Time PCR platform
  • ELISA platform
  • Luminex xMAP

PK/PD Biomarker Analysis

We ensure reliability through analytically validated methods and guarantee that our clients' development needs are addressed. We can also provide the services and expertise needed to accelerate drug development, and our capabilities include not only biomarker recognition, but also other downstream clinical applications. If you have any special needs or questions regarding our services, please feel free to contact us to get support from our experienced experts. We look forward to working with you in the future.

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