Cardiac Organoid Differentiation Service from iPSC

Human cardiac organoids (hCOs) derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) are useful as an advanced drug-testing model; they demonstrate similar electrophysiological functionality and drug reactivity as the heart. Compared to iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes, hCOs are similar to the human heart, as they contain cardiac fibroblasts, cardiac endothermic cells, cardiomyocytes, and various other cells that make up the actual heart.

Cardiac Organoid DifferentiationFigure 1. Schema of construction and applications of human cardiac organoids. (Makoto Sahara, 2022)

Creative Bioarray has established a scaffold-free protocol to generate multicellular, beating and self-organized human cardiac organoids in vitro from hiPSCs that can be cultured for long term. The generated human cardiac organoids containing multiple cell types that physiologically compose the heart, gradually self-organize and beat without external stimuli.

Service Workflow

  • Consultation and Experimental Design: Our team of scientists will work closely with you to understand your specific research goals and design an experimental plan tailored to your requirements.
  • iPSC Culture and Expansion: We will culture and expand your iPSCs in optimal conditions to ensure their quality and viability.
  • Cardiac Induction: Through a series of carefully controlled steps, we will induce the differentiation of iPSCs into cardiac progenitor cells, mimicking the early stages of heart development.
  • Organoid Formation: The cardiac progenitor cells will be seeded and cultured in specialized conditions that promote their self-assembly.
  • Maturation and Characterization: The organoids will be cultured further to allow for maturation, and they will be characterized using various techniques such as immunostaining, gene expression analysis, and functional assays.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: Our team will analyze the generated data and provide you with a comprehensive report, including detailed findings, images, and relevant statistical analyses.

Cardiac Organoid DifferentiationFigure 1. Phase contrast images taken after differentiation, showing the morphological changes occurred.

Cardiac Organoid DifferentiationFigure 2. Characterization of cardiac organoids.

Creative Bioarray is an experienced and outstanding provider of Cardiac Organoid Differentiation, as well as IPSC-derived cardiac organoids. We are pleased to use our extensive experience and advanced platform to offer the best service to satisfy each demand from our customers.

If you have any special need in Cardiac Organoid Differentiation, do not hesitate to contact us for this special service. Please let us know what you need and we will accommodate you. We look forward to working with you.

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