Custom Cell & Tissue Lysates Service

With the world's most comprehensive list of research-use cells and tissues available and advanced platform for custom lysate preparation, Creative Bioarray provides custom cell & tissue lysates service for all of our customers to meet their scientific requirements for downstream analysis. We provide different types of lysates from various species such as human, cynomolgus monkey, bovine, canine, mouse, rat, rabbit, ferret, zebrafish, and so on. Our well-made cell & tissue lysates can be a critical part for our customer in any field, such as medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, disease study and etc.

Custom Cell & Tissue Lysates Service

Based on our extensive experience in lysate preparation from primary cells, stable cell lines expressing recombinant proteins, stem cells, tissues and membrane, Creative Bioarray provides a vast assortment of custom cell & tissue lysates with high quality as below:

  • Over-expression lysate
  • Cell line lysate
  • Stem cell lysate
  • Tissue lysate from normal, tumor or disease tissues (See our pre-made tissue lysate in our bank)
  • Membrane lysate

With high-effect reagents, equipment and experienced technicians, Creative Bioarray owns proprietary platform of custom lysate service, which guarantees the high quality of our lysates.

Key Features

  • Stable quality
  • High concentration of up to 20 mg/ml
  • Capable of offering large scale lysate production>
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Strictly QC tests

Quality Control

Creative Bioarray chooses the most suitable lysis methods for our customers, including acoustic, electromagnetic, mechanical or other methods. Quality control of lysates at Creative Bioarray is performed strictly by SDS PAGE and Western Blot. Protein pattern is consistent with each lot. More QC details can be found in product datasheets.

Custom Cell & Tissue Lysates Service Figure 1. SDS-PAGE- Mouse liver cell whole lysate
Custom Cell & Tissue Lysates ServiceFigure 2. WB-Mouse tissue lysate

Applications of Creative Bioarray Lysates

Creative Bioarray Cell and Tissue Lysates are suitable for applications such as electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, western blot, ELISA, immunoprecipitation, pull down assay, enzymatic activity analysis, protein interaction analysis, tissue specific expression identification and many other analytical assays.

Quotations and ordering

Our customer service representatives are available 24hr a day!

We thank you for choosing Creative Bioarray at your preferred whole cell lysate source.

Creative Bioarrray's Cell and tissue Lysates are for in vitro research purposes only, and cannot be used for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

For research use only. Not for any other purpose.