Phagocytosis Assays

Phagocytosis is a specific form of endocytosis where cells internalize solid matter, thereby eliminating cellular debris and pathogens. Although most cells are capable of phagocytosis, the phagocytes in the immune system including neutrophils, macrophages and immature dendritic cells, play a key role in this process. In these cells, phagocytosis is a mechanism by which micro-organisms can be contained, killed and processed for antigen presentation and represents an important facet of the innate immune response, and plays an essential role in initiating the adaptive immune response.

There are many types of phagocytosis assays. By quantifying the engulfment of the certain substrate, we can obtain the phagocytic efficiency and then evaluate the effect of antibodies, vaccine, ligands, and the like.

Traditionally, erythrocytes are commonly used in phagocytosis assays. For FcR-mediated phagocytosis, erythrocytes are first opsonized with serum or IgG before added to phagocytes. After removal of non-phagocytic erythrocytes, engulfed erythrocytes are quantitated.

In contrary to conventional phagocytosis assays, the flow assay does not involve subjective manual counting of erythrocytes. This format provides a quantitative, high-throughput method to accurately measure phagocytosis.

Phagocytosis Assays

Based on the superior expertise and extensive experiences, Creative Bioarray has developed a systematic approach to assess phagocytosis. These approaches are designed to help you analyze the function of specialized immune cells, evaluate the effects of antibodies and vaccine, as well as screen for TLR ligands, phagocytic activators and inhibitors.

Our Capabilities

  • Phagocytosis assay - E. coli Substrate
  • Phagocytosis assay - Red Blood Cell Substrate
  • Phagocytosis assay - Zymosan Substrate

Features of Our Services

  • Fully quantify phagocytosis with no manual cell counting
  • High-throughput 96-well format
  • Convenient quantitation in a standard microplate reader

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