Karyotyping (G-Banded) Service

G-banding is a technique used in cytogenetics to produce a visible karyotype by staining condensed chromosomes. It is useful for the identification of structural abnormalities through the photographic representation of the entire chromosome complement. Creative Bioarray has performed many karyotyping (banded chromosome analysis) services for cell line authentication and some specific research. In providing karyotyping information, we can promote the advancement of biology projects.

We have broad expertise in banded chromosome analysis for a wide variety of mammalian species (human, mouse, rat, cow, hamsters, dog, etc.), and our experience includes analysis of live animals and established adult and embryonic stem cell lines. The standard cytogenetic analysis can be customized to your need if you have specific requirements different from or those here.

Premature Chromosome Condensation (PCC) Images (human cells)Figure 1. Premature Chromosome Condensation (PCC) Images (human cells)


  • A baseline genomic screen: at derivation of cell lines; the start of experimental protocol; for cell line banking QC
  • Identification of cell line's origin
  • Track chromosomal changes

Normal Karyotype generated from human male cultured cells (46, XY)Figure 2. Normal Karyotype generated from human male cultured cells (46, XY)

Use Karyotype (G-Banded) analysis to detect:

Microscopic aberrations> 5Mb
Chromosome abnormalities:

  • Aneuploidy
  • Inversions
  • Duplications/deletions
  • Translocations
Turnaround Time:
7-10 Business Days
Rush services available

The Service Features:

Creative Bioarray's Karyotyping Service has the following features:

  • Human Karyotyping Service, Mouse Karyotyping Service, Rat Karyotyping Service, Rare Species (Sheep, Cow, pig, dog, hamster, fish, etc.) Karyotyping Service. And please note that for cancer cells and in any cases where very complex, unstable karyotypes are observed
  • For cancer cell line analysis, we can offer Complex Analysis
  • Karyotyping of your cell lines for genomic stability and assessment
  • Culture development is available for NK Cells, iPSCs, T-Cells, and whole blood
  • Track chromosomal changes, detect inversions, translocations and aneuploidy
  • Metaphase nuclei harvest and chromosome count
  • Chromosomal abnormality quantification
  • Counting: 30-40 cells, and microscope analysis of 20 metaphase spreads
  • We provide high cell count G-banding from 20-100+ cells
  • Our karyotyping report includes a summary and 2 representative karyotype images.
  • Apart from conventional karyotyping, we can also provide Karyotyping of human chromosomes, mouse chromosomes by multicolor FISH probes.

Quotation and ordering

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