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Our Promise to You

Custom Tissue Array

Creative Bioarray provides custom tissue arrays to help scientists efficiently analyze gene and protein expressions in multiple tissue samples. Tissue microarray is a high-throughput technique that allows rapid gene expression and copy-number surveys of large numbers of different tissue specimens. In addition, it represents a technical revolution for highly effective use of human tissue specimens, which are both difficult and expensive to obtain in enough amount and case number.

Based on the availability of more than 500,000 human and 30,000 animal samples in our tissue bank, we have constructed high quality tissue arrays to satisfy customers' special requirements.

We have also established standard operation procedure in custom array service. Our tissue microarrays are produced by re-locating tissues from conventional histological blocks. Typically, 40 to 1,000 cylindrical formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue cores can be densely and precisely arrayed into a single paraffin block. From the block, up to 300 serial 4-8 μm thick sections can be produced and placed on individual glass microscopic slides.

For research use only. Not for any other purpose.

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