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Immortalized Cell Lines

Choosing an in vitro model system that faithfully represents the natural physiology of the cell being studied is critical to understanding its in vivo function. However, primary cells cultured in vitro have a finite life span depending on the cell type. Therefore, although primary cells are good models of cell physiology, they become senescent before they are expanded to provide a sufficient number of cells for biochemical or genetic assays. A way around this is the use of immortalized cells, which have extended replicative capabilities, allowing you to use the same consistent cells throughout your research project.

There are many advantages to using immortalized cell lines. They are, at least theoretically, homogeneous and genetically identical populations, which helps to provide consistent and reproducible results. Immortalized cells are easier to culture than cells in primary culture because they grow more robustly and do not need to be extracted from a living animal. In addition, since they grow quickly and continuously, it is possible to extract large amounts of proteins for biochemical assays. It can also be used to create cell lines that continuously express genes of interest. Immortalized cell lines provide scientists with great insights into the biological processes of human cells and have become a powerful tool for countless applications, including testing drug metabolism and cytotoxicity, studying gene function, as well as producing vaccines, antibodies and biological compounds.

Immortalized cell lines are essential for biomedical research, but establishing new lines can be tricky and frustrating. With years of experience in cell immortalization, Creative Bioarray has developed the most comprehensive immortalized cell lines comprising of human immortalized cells, mouse immortalized cells, and other immortalized cells. Creative Bioarray also provides customized cell immortalization services for your unique solutions.


Immortalized Human Cells

Generate immortalised cell lines by isolation from a naturally occurring cancer, or introduction of a...

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Immortalized Murine Cells

Murine cells show frequent spontaneous immortalization in contrast to human cells that almost never...

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Other Immortalized Cells

There are various immortal cell lines. Some of them are normal cell lines (e.g. derived from stem cells)...

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Derivatives of Immortalized Cells

Derivatetives of Immortalized Cells (e.g. cell pellets, cDNA, RNA, extracellular vesicles) are available from Creative Bioarray.

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