ATP Content in 3D Cell Cultures

Creative Bioarray is a leading provider of various 3D cell culture models and assays based on 3D cell cultures. Among them is ATP content assay which can be applied to the assessment of cytotoxicity of drugs or drug candidates.

ATP is the major intracellular energy currency. Upon cell death, cell loses its ability to synthesize ATP, and remaining ATP in the cells would be destroyed quickly by endogenous ATPases. Thus cellular ATP generation and ATP concentration are closely related to cell viability and normal cell function. Therefore, cellular ATP content can serve as a biochemical indicator of general cell viability or cytotoxicity of chemicals.

Creative Bioarray offers the detection of cellular ATP content in 3D cell cultures after exposure to chemicals at different concentrations with repeat doses. Data obtained can be applied to the calculation of IC50 and minimum effective concentration (MEC).

ATP Content in 3D Cell Cultures

With our well developed 3D cell culture models, effects of drugs can be monitored in an in-vivo like microenvironment which enables the generation of more reliable and predictive results. With 3D cell culture models derived from different cell types, this assay can be used to measure hepatotoxicity, cardiotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, and more.

Creative Bioarray can also provide other assays based on 3D cell cultures, and is capable of adjusting the assays according to the request of the customers. With our highly experienced scientific team, a various collection of functional 3D cell cultures, advanced techniques and equipment, we are confident in our ability to accommodate all your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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