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In vitro Blood Brain Barrier Assay Service


In Vitro Blood Brain Barrier Assay Service

The blood brain barrier (BBB) is formed by endothelial cells of cerebral capillaries and microvessels, coming in close contact with neighboring pericytes and glial cells. As an active interface between the circulation and the central nervous system (CNS), the BBB strictly controls the molecular and cellular traffic between the blood and the brain, thus taking an important share in providing a steady state environment needed for the proper neuronal function.

In Vitro Blood Brain Barrier Assay ServiceFig.1 Cellular structure of the BBB

The BBB protects brain nervous tissue from the fluctuation of plasma composition, from pathogenic agents, and maintains homeostasis of the brain parenchyma by restricting non-specific flux of ions, peptides, proteins and even cells into and out the brain. Many drugs developed to treat CNS disorders are unable to reach the brain parenchyma in therapeutically relevant concentrations. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to characterize the BBB permeability of a drug candidate as early as possible in the drug developmental pipeline. In order to meet this need in vitro models of the BBB have been developed.

With decades of operational experience and technology platform of BBB research, in addition to the primary cell isolation and culture technique, Creative Bioarray has established in vitro Blood-Brain Barrier Model using primary brain endothelial cells, which will be subjected to in vitro Blood Brain Barrier assays, such as oxygen glucose deprivation to mimic stroke conditions and the following items will be evaluated, but is not limited.

In Vitro Blood Brain Barrier Assay Service

Creative Bioarray BBB model advantages

  • Several readouts are in use
  • Providing customized services aiming at the personal requirement
  • Fast turnaround time

Assays available based on our BBB model

Creative Bioarray can use both double and triple co-culture systems for in vitro BBB model generation based on the culture of endothelial cells with astrocytes and/or pericytes.

Using the established BBB model, Creative Bioarray could provide the basic research of BBB and experiments testing regarding the interaction between the BBB and potential drug candidates.

In Vitro Blood Brain Barrier Assay ServiceFig.2 Co-culture systems


  • Rsearch on BBB physiology and toxicity assays
  • Transport and permeability studies such as drug BBB permeability assay
  • Paracellular barrier and cell polarity studies
  • Drug transport, drug effect on permeability, localization of receptors, polarity of drug responses
  • Investigation of Tight junction proteins, Transporter proteins, Inflammation and Cell migration
  • Compounds screening neuroimmune targets, Neurotoxicity and Neuro-oncology

Study Examples

In Vitro Blood Brain Barrier Assay ServiceFig.3 Use of the in vitro model for brain metastasis investigations

In Vitro Blood Brain Barrier Assay ServiceFig.4 Drug transport across the in vitro BBB model

Quotation and Ordering

If you have any special needs in our In Vitro Blood Brain Barrier Assay Service, please contact us at or 1-631-626-9181 for this special service. Let us know what you need and we will accommodate you. We look forward to working with you in the future.


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