Negative Staining TEM

Negative-stain transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is a technique that has provided nanometer resolution images of macromolecules for about 60 years. Isolated organelles, bacteria and viruses pose a problem when imaging in a TEM since they do not have high enough contrast (they are not electron-dense). For this purpose, Creative Bioarray uses negative staining. It is the perfect tool when it comes to size distribution of liposomes, exosomes or polymer nanoparticles.

Gene therapy offers great potential in the treatment and management of a plethora of diseases. Viral vectors (AAV, Adeno-virus, lentiviruses, etc.) are widely used delivery vectors in research and gene therapy. Negative stain TEM (nsTEM) provides detailed information about overall morphology of the viral vector samples and characterizes the properties such as the stability and purity. nsTEM analysis from Creative Bioarray provides comparable data when there are changes in the production conditions of upstream and downstream processes, or modifications to product formulations.

The following parameters of the viral vectors can be monitored using nsTEM:

  • General morphology
  • Integrity and debris/impurities
  • Level of clusters/aggregation
  • Size distribution
Creative Bioarray We've Characterized
Viruses, attenuated and recombinantExtracellular Vesicles
Virus-Like Particles (VLPs)
  • AAV
  • Adenoviral Vectors
  • Lentiviral Vectors
  • HBV
  • HPV

nsTEM image of AAV particles.Figure 1. nsTEM image of AAV particles. Internally stained AAV particles are broken or incorrectly assembled particles. The intact AAV particles appear as bright particles exhibiting a well-defined exterior. In the image it is also possible to identify the debris, as well as dimeric AAV particles.

nsTEM image of arregation AAV particles.Figure 2. nsTEM image of arregation AAV particles.

Features of Creative Bioarray's Negative Staining Service:

  • Accurate - When the analysis is finished, we provide you with the TEM images and a detailed report
  • Value - We focus on the quality of our service and all supported by competitive pricing
  • Efficiency - We are able to provide the fastest turnaround time of any supplier in the industry

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