Biosample Services

Creative Bioarray, as the leading commercial biospecimen CRO offers expert services for our clients, including regular sample, large-scale clinical trial sample collection and database support. Our mission is to provide sample handling and resources preparation to our partners in the research community. The final goal is to process specimens efficiently and effectively so that it will ensure the generation of high quality data via downstream processes. And staff at Creative Bioarray will work with you to design an implementation plan to fit your research needs.

Biosample Services

Biological samples are vital assets of medical research. More than 300 million biosamples have stored in biobanks and biorepositories around the world at temperatures at or below -80°C which supports basic science, biomedical and clinical research activities. Biomarker discovery and development is requisite for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the drug R&D process. Biological samples involve the extensive types, contain a wealth of information. By studying it, we can find new early detection markers and novel therapeutic targets. Thus, biospecimen collection, processing and preservation have become crucial components of clinical trials conduct and new drug development.

Our biosample services are centered around the following:

We provide pharmaceutical and biotech industry with sample collection and analysis services worldwide. Patient samples, plasma, whole blood, serum, urine, saliva, tissue and other biological specimens all can collect on request. And we have a large biobank to quickly satisfy the specific samples you need. Our biobank is dynamic as we innovate and introduce new products and updates. Whatever your collection needs, Creative Bioarray can help.

Purification or isolation of nucleic acids is a critical step in molecular biology, genomics and clinical research. Rapid, reliable and efficient DNA or RNA extraction and purification can speed your downstream applications. Apart from offering services of extracting and purifying DNA or RNA from a vast array of cellular sources, we also provide high quality nucleic acid extraction kits including DNA purification, RNA purification and plasmid purification kits.

Creative Bioarray is the global leader in comprehensive sample solutions for the bioscience industry. We provide a portfolio of flexible and integrated solutions for managing research samples including biological samples discovery and collection, genomic bioprocessing services, biorepository storage and management, cold-chain cryogenic storage systems, and global cold-chain logistics. High quality is guaranteed through a quality management system, while the complete data and process audits trails ensure the data reliable. We look forward to working with you side by side, being a long-term partner whom you can trust.

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