Disease Models

Efficacy studies of lead candidates in animal disease models are vital for preclinical candidate selection in drug discovery. The relevant disease models and DMPK assays are used to study the biological effects of drug candidates. Creative Bioarray has established multiple animal disease models including cardiovascular disease models, chronic liver disease models, metabolic disease models, neurological disease models, oncology models, etc. We provide validated and custom in vivo disease modeling and services. Our comprehensive animal-based disease models of different organ systems allow our clients to choose the most appropriate models to test promising compounds and optimize lead candidates.

Disease Models

Available in vivo disease models:

Each of the above disease models is designed to understand specific aspects of drug property and its mechanism of action. Besides, the animals used for studies are provided by certified animal suppliers. All study protocols and animal use are approved by IACUC. By accessing our comprehensive capability, our customers can advance their drug discovery projects faster.

Contact us for more information on the listed disease models or if you would like to customize a new model to meet your particular needs. With all our In Vivo Services, we ensure continuous communications and discussions during on-going studies. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our capabilities and services.

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