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Our Promise to You

BiosampleCreative Bioarray is a well-recognized service provider propelled by integrity, expertise and the desire to contribute to tomorrow's bioscience discoveries. To be one of the highest biorepository in the world, The Biobank of Creative Bioarray is an advocacy owned repository for biological samples and clinical data. It contains: Tissue Bank, Blood Sample, RNA sample, DNA sample and Body fluid. Creative Bioarray provides comprehensive both human and animal tissue products collected from all over the world including three continents.



Body fluid is liquid originating from inside the bodies of living people. Creative Bioarray provides... Learn more


Creative Bioarray offers different ranges of human blood samples, such as whole blood, blood serum, plasma... Learn more

Animal Tissue Bank

The Animal Tissue Bank of Creative Bioarray provides animal tissue samples focused on biological studies... Learn more

For research use only. Not for any other purpose.