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Cell Cycle Analysis Kit

Cell Cycle Analysis KitCell cycle is a ubiquitous, complex sequence of events leading to growth and proliferation of cells. Cell Cycle progression is tightly regulated due to its involvement in development, DNA damage and repair, etc. Anomalies in cell cycle progression can lead to tissue hyperplasia and diseases such as cancer. Cell cycle of most eukaryotic cells is divided into four discrete phases: M, G1, S, and G2. S phase is the period during which DNA replication occurs. The cell grows throughout interphase, which includes G1, S, and G2.

Creative Bioarray's cell cycle analysis kit provides a quick and easy method to detect the number of cells in a cell population, which are at a specific stage of the cell cycle.

Description: SuperQuick® cell cycle analysis kit utilizes a nuclear dye, the binding of which...


For research use only. Not for any other purpose.