Stem Cell Assay Development & Screening

One of the first steps in drug development and toxicity testing is creating cell models on which to evaluate the effects of chemical compounds on cellular, molecular and biochemical processes of interests. Stem cells or stem cell-derived downstream cells are the best choice to establish cell models to evaluate new compounds because they are patient-matched. Creative Bioarray provides customers with comprehensive stem cell assay development and screening service, such as: cell viability assay, proliferation, apoptosis, ion transport, pathway signaling, gene expression, protein expression, and post-translational modifications.

Creative Bioarray Offers Stem Cell Assay Development & Screening Service for Your Scientific Research as Follows (including but not limited to):

1. Cell Proliferation and Cytotoxicity Assay:

2. Cell Viability and Cycle Assay

3. Cell Apoptosis Assay

4. Cell Migration and Invasion Assay

5. Ion Transport

  • Calcium ion channel assay
  • Potassium ion channel assay

6. Neurotoxicity Screening

7. Gene Expression Array
8. Pathway Analysis
9. Post-translation Analysis
Note: All services can be provided separately or as a package.

Advantages of Creative Bioarray Service:

  • Worldwide accepted and advanced approaches for stem cell assay and screening
  • High efficacy of stem cell assay and screening
  • Comprehensive cell assay development and screening
  • Guaranteed service quality
  • Flexible assay design to satisfy your demand
  • Detailed report of experiment conditions

Examples for MSC Apoptosis Assay and Neurite Outgrowth Assay Results:

MSC apoptosis was confirmed by Annexin V.Figure 1: MSC apoptosis was confirmed by Annexin V.

Neurite outgrowth assay of neurons.Figure 2: Neurite outgrowth assay of neurons.

Creative Bioarray is an experienced and outstanding provider of stem cell assay development and screening service. We are dedicated to providing detailed data and comprehensive service for your scientific research, and we are pleased to use our extensive experience and advanced platform to offer the best service to satisfy each demand from our customers.

If you have any special need in stem cell assay development and screening, do not hesitate to contact us for this special service. Please let us know what you need and we will accommodate you. We are looking forward to working with you in the future.


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