Cell Immortalization Service

Personalized your ideal cell line

Creative Bioarray is offering cell immortalization service. Based on our experienced scientist team and elaborate technical platforms, we have been able to successfully immortalize cells from any species and any tissue with the function you need. Our custom immortalization service can significantly extend replicative capacity of your target cells, which saves your time and money over trying by yourself.

Cell culture is an essential tool to study the fundamentals of genetic background variables. With the development of personalized medicine, this applies increasingly to the development and safety testing of drugs. Currently, primary cells are used for these purposes. But primary cells are usually not available in sufficient numbers and the reproducibility of assays is limited. Applying this immortalization technology enables rapid, efficient, and reliable production of unlimited numbers of personalized cells. As such, these cell systems support mechnistic studies, epidemiological research, and tailored drug development.

Cell Immoratlization Technology

There are several methods for generating immortalized cells. One method is introduction of a viral gene that partially deregulates the cell cycle, such as EBV, SV40 T antigens and HPV-16 E6/7 gene. The cellular gene encoding human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTert) has been successfully used for the expansion of several cell types that retain important properties in vitro. However, this approach is restricted to certain cell types as others either need the concerted action of additional immortalizing genes or the inactivation of tumor suppressor genes. Another method is to employed a lentiviral vector library encoding several selected genes, this works well with different cell types and allows the preserving of typical cell properties. Creative Bioarray will choose the best method to establish your personalized cell lines.

Immortalization GenesImmortalized Cell Types
SV40T antigensWidely used for most cell types
hTERTCommonly used for most cell types
EBV GenesB Cells
Adenovial E1AEpithelial cells from a broad range of rat tissues
CDK4Bronchial epithelial cells
P53-siRNAA wide variety of cell types
cMycProstate epithelial cells

Cell Immoratlization Technology

Source Material

As Creative Bioarray is a premier manufacturer of primary cells, stem cells and immune cells. We can provide the starting material from any species and any tissues. If the cells are not directly available, we will esteblish an isolation protocol and then do the custom isolation for you.

  • Primary Cells
  • Immortalized cell lines can serve as a simple model for more complex biological systems, for example, immortalized neural cell lines can be used for studies of neuronal development and restoration of function in models of neurological disease.

  • Immune Cells
  • Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that boosts the body's natural defenses to fight cancer. Immortalization is a best way of generating large number of immune cells for treatment. For example, Wu et al. developed a method to establish immortalized and constitutively activated human primary blood DC lines, and explored various modifications to the DCs to enhance their immunotherapeutic potential.

  • Stem Cells
  • Stem cells have been shown to provide a plentiful, renewable source of cell replacement. However, as expected for somatic stem cells, following a finite number of cell divisions in culture, stem cells will eventually undergo growth arrest and senescence. This limits their exploitation in the field of biotechnology and in pharmacological studies relying on large scale, high-throughput assays. Thus, immortalization of stem cells provide an initial attempt to overcome these limitations, leading to the establishment of immortalized stem cell lines. And immortalized human MSCs can continue to procduce angiogenic factors and cytokines, such as HGF and VEGF.

Cell Immoratlization Technology

Phenotypic characterization

To characterize a new immortalized cell lines is really necessary. Immortalized cell lines can be characterized according to your requirements. Characterization may include mRNA expression, protein expression or functional assays.

Cell Immoratlization Technology

Creative Bioarray offers cell immortalization service, including but NOT limited to:

  • Immortalized cell lines from any species and any tissues with the function you need
  • Phenotypic characterization according to your requirements
  • Projects are designed and handled by experienced scientists.
  • Short turn-around time.
  • Competitive pricing

If you have any special needs in constructing an immortalized cell line, please contact us for this special service. Let us know what you need and we will accommodate you. We look forward to working with you in the future.

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