Exosome Isolation Tools

Exosome isolation is a critical step for the study of exsomes. The purity and yield of exosome would usually affect the results. Therefore, it is technically challenging to achieve good isolation. Creative Bioarray aims to develop best quality exosome isolation tools with the optimized condition to help our customers to obtain pure exosome with a higher yield.

We offer a wide range of ExoQualiTM products and protocols to make your exosome isolation simpler, easier, and more efficient than ever. Our isolation tools could successfully isolate and enrich intact exosomes from multiple types of body fluids, including cell media, serum, plasma, urine, saliva and other biofluids.

Advantages of our isolation products

  • Exosome purity > 95%
  • Higher yield (10 folds > traditional methods)
  • Faster < 1 hours
  • Start with low sample volume
  • Work for exosome isolation from different sample matrices

Creative Bioarray provides exosome isolation tools including:

Your time and samples are extremely precious to us. As a reliable partner to accelerate your research, we have the capabilities to ensure the quality of the isolated exosomes to meet your requirements. The intact exosome isolated by our isolation products can be further applied in characterization study, exosome subpopulation, qRT-PCR profiling, exosomal high-throughput sequencing, ELISA, exosome labeling, WB analysis of exosomal proteins, co-culture experiment, and exosome-based therapeutics.

With our growing pipeline, we are developing more products continuously in every way to meet our customers' needs. If you have any special needs or questions regarding our products, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service representatives are available 24hrs a day.

For research use only. Not for any other purpose.