DNA/RNA Extraction Service

DNA/RNA Extraction Service The extraction of DNA/RNA is the basic building block and an essential requirement for all downstream genomic analyses. Extracting high quality DNA/RNA is both laborious and time-consuming. By working with our experienced technical team, Creative Bioarray is capable of offering you a very cost-effective solution for your DNA/RNA extraction needs.

Creative Bioarray offers extraction service of DNA and RNA including large mRNA, microRNA and siRNA from a wide range of starting materials with different scales/volumes for most applications or bespoke solutions.

Creative Bioarray Advantages

  • DNA/RNA extracted from a wide range of materials
  • High yield of DNA/RNA
  • High purity (A260/A280 > 1.8)
  • High MWt DNA (>50kb)
  • High stability
  • Automated workflows and high-throughput robotic pipetting stations are used wherever possible for maximum reproducibility and efficiency.
  • Validated for qPCR, microarray and next generation sequencing
  • Free cryostorage and requisition for half a year


Creative Bioarray has established a well-proven process for nucleic acid isolation:

  1. Communication with customers
  2. Assistance with sample preparation and submission
  3. Effective disruption of the cellular structure to generate a lysate
  4. Clean separation of the soluble nucleic acids
  5. Separation of nucleic acids from soluble proteins
  6. Final high-level purification of nucleic acids
  7. QC tests
  8. DNA/RNA storage and delivery

Different DNA/RNA types we can extract

  • Total DNA
  • Total RNA
  • Total Nucleic acid (DNA + RNA)
  • MicroRNA & small RNA
  • mRNA
  • Sequence-specific RNA
  • Purified RNAs
  • Viral RNA

A wide variety of starting materials

  • Blood, Serum, Saliva, Plasma, buffy coats and other biofluids
  • LCM Samples, Buccal scrapes / swabs and mouthwash samples
  • FFPE and Fresh Frozen tissue
  • Primary cells, Cell lines, Cell pellets
  • Conditioned Media
  • Liquid and cell-free Liquid
  • Plant
  • Yeast/Fungi
  • Bacteria
  • Biofilm, Fecal, soil, water
  • Exosomes
  • New and challenging samples for your research project

Quality control and applications

Every DNA/RNA Isolation Service project is carried out in our Service Facility, following optimized SOP protocols to ensure high quality. The quantity and 260/280-quality indicator will be measured and the quality will be assessed. All the QC data will be presented in a report for your reference.

Extracted DNA samples are ready for any molecular biology applications such as PCR, SNP and STR typing, sequencing and etc. RNA samples are suitable for applications as Northern blot analysis, RNA sequencing, RNA microarray or transcriptome analysis, RNA cloning, RT PCR, RNA structure/function, ribosomal RNA depletion, in vitro transcription & translation and so on.

Long time samples storage service

Creative Bioarray offers long time sample storage (-80°C) for our customers who would like to keep samples in our facilities for years at affordable price. DNA samples can be retrieved and shipped to the client at any time.

Quotations and ordering

Our customer service representatives are available 24hr a day!

We thank you for choosing Creative Bioarray service.

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