Administration Routes and Biofluid Sampling

Sample collection procedures for pharmacological and toxicological studies may have a significant impact on the interpretation of DMPK assays. Standardization of biofluid sampling collection are necessary, because in animal experiments, the best method is to achieve the optimal experimental requirements with the minimum number of biological samples.

Creative Bioarray offers a variety of administration routes and collection of biological samples, as well as we can provide comprehensive bioanalytical package services.

Administration Routes and Biofluid Sampling

Our services include:

  • Animal Species: Mouse, Rat, Hamster, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Mini Pig, Beagle, Cynomolgus Monkey
  • Administration Routes:
  • conventional routes: IP, IV, IM, PO, SC
    standard routes: Ophthalmic, Dermal, Intranasal, Intraoral, Buccal

  • Biofluid Sampling: portal vein, bile, intubation, urine, lymphatics, cerebrospinal fluid, synovial fluid
  • Analysis instrument: LC-MS/MS systems coupled with HPLC and UPLC, Immunohistochemistry platform, Real Time PCR platform, ELISA platform, Luminex xMAP

Creative Bioarray's bioanalytical services follow procedures in which both QC/QA and GLP-compliance are implemented. Our department is committed to working with clients to combine rich experience and expertise with a unique and flexible approach to each project individually, and to provide solutions tailored to the clinical phase and specific needs. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our capabilities and services.

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