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QualiStem® Human iPSC Immunocytochemistry Kit

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There are several biomarkers can be used to determine pluripotency of iPS cells. QualiStem® Human iPSC Immunocytochemistry Kit is designed for users to examine the pluripotent status of iPSC by analyzing marker protein expression. This iPSC Immunocytochemistry Kit contain sets of primary and secondary antibodies along with ready-to-use buffers to enable convenient immunocytochemistry characterization of human pluripotent stem cells. The primary antibodies included in these kits target well-established human iPSC markers (OCT4, SOX2, SSEA4, TRA-1-60, TRA-1-81) and were carefully selected to help ensure excellent performance in immunocytochemistry applications.
Storage & Stability
Store at -20°C
Dry Ice
iPSC Characterization
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If you use this products in your scientific publication, it should be cited in the publication as: Creative Bioarray cat no. If your paper has been published, please click here to submit the PubMed ID of your paper to get a coupon.

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