Hair Germinal Matrix Cells

The germinal matrix, also known as the "matrix", is where cells produce new hairs as hairs die and fall out. It is also located in the lower region of the hair follicle. It is the source of hair growth and is involved in transferring melanin to hair to give it pigmentation. During the active hair growth phase, germinal matrix cells rapidly proliferate and differentiate into cell lineages for all the follicle layers, resulting in hair to elongation.

Cells of the germinal matrix undergo a process called keratinization, which is the formation of a layer of protein keratin, keeping the hair from falling out. Hair follicular cells are immunologically privileged and the germinal matrix of the implanted dermal papilla cells have the ability to induce new hair follicle formation, suggesting that it may be possible to treat hair loss using follicular cell implantation.

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Species: Human
Cell Type: Germinal Matrix
Tissue Type: Hair
Donor Status: Normal