The emergence of obesity as a serious public health problem and the realization that adipose tissue acts as an integrator of various physiological pathways have led to increasing research on adipocytes.

Adipocytes are cells specialized in storing energy in the form of fat, mainly triglycerides, in organelles called lipid droplets. There are two major types of adipocytes in mammals: white adipocytes contain one large lipid droplet and are involved in fat storage, while brown adipocytes have many smaller lipid droplets and numerous mitochondria that generate energy, maintaining body temperature.

Adipocytes do more than simply store fat, they also play a role in metabolic diseases. Through better understanding of how adipose cells function and interact, researchers can develop new, targeted therapies to treat obesity and diabetes.

Creative Bioarray provides the highest quality primary human preadipocytes and adipocytes. All cells have passed strict quality control measures, including performance in lipid accumulation, lipolysis, and adipokines secretion. In addition, specially formulated media are available for use with our subcutaneous preadipocytes and adipocytes.

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