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3D Oncology Services


3D Oncology Services

It is been recognized that the screening platform for oncology drugs need to be physiologically-relevant and better mimicking the in vivo tumor microenvironment. 2D cell culture as a traditional culture model growing cells on a flat and rigid substrate and forming a monolayer morphology, which does not adequately take into account the natural 3D tumor environment. The use of inadequate in vitro models will lead to the lack of clinical efficacy and/or unacceptable toxicity, which cause the possibility of the clinical trials failure for anti-cancer drugs. Recently, a growing body of evidence has suggested that 3D cell culture systems will be a better choice for in vitro study, since the 3D culture structure plays important roles in determining the fate of cells when they undergo proliferation, differentiation, or apoptosis, and recapitulate the cellular responses of in vivo tissues. 3D cell culture systems represent more accurately the actual tumor microenvironment, which will advance the anti-cancer drug development. Creative Bioarray offers you a wide variety of 3D oncology services for greater accuracy and increased throughput, which include:

Creative Bioarray 3D oncology service advantages

  • Provide a variety of 3D cell culture and co-culture models made with cells from our comprehensive human and animal cell bank or sending your own cells
  • Design your project and goals by using our expertise
  • Time- and labor- efficient
  • Flexible options based on the customer’s requirements
  • Professional after-sale services to follow up the potential problems

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