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3D Cell Culture Related Products


As a leading provider of 3D cell culture solutions, Creative Bioarray offers a wide range of 3D cell culture related products to support your in-house development of 3D models, including products for spheroids formation, 3D cell culture scaffolds, bioreactors, and 3D cell culture system.

3D models provide microenvironments which can more accurately reflect the natural environment inside of a living organism. Cells embedded in a 3D environment exhibit better intercellular interactions with more physiological responses. With inherent proliferative and metabolic (oxygen, nutrients, and wastes) gradients, 3D cell cultures serve as excellent models which have been extensively employed in cancer biology, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine and drug discovery.

3D Scaffolds
Polycarprolactone (PCL) Scaffolds
Alginate Scaffolds
Hydrogel Scaffolds

3D Mutiwell Plate
Micropatterned surface plate
Ultra-low attachment plate
Hanging drop plate

3D Bioreactor

3D-Flo Cell Culture System

3D Cell Culture Related Products

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