Cell-Based Drug Discovery

Creative Bioarray provides a wide range of cell-based drug discovery assays throughout the drug development process, including drug screening and profiling services, ADME and pharmacokinetic services, drug toxicity services, and services based on 3D cell culture models. With extensive experience and state-of-the-art technologies, we enable unique drug discovery solutions of the research.

Cell-Based Drug Discovery

Pharmaceutical companies utilize a variety of ways for drug discovery. In the past, a large number of compounds have used defined biochemical assays in an ultrahigh-throughput format. However, the effect of a drug which identified by physiological and biochemistry reaction and other indexes on an organism is clearly not ideal. Because of the complex of reaction on the organism, an increased use of cell-based screening assays to predict the response of the organism is getting more popular. Meanwhile, predicting cellular toxicity is important in the drug discovery process. Development of assay chemistries and signal detection technology both allow the cell-based assays miniaturized, which makes it convenient to perform dose-response experiments and other cell-based screening during primary screens.

Our Services

Cell-Based Screening and Profiling Services

Screening under the living cells background delivers more effective and comprehensive information about drugs. New automated technologies have emerged and used for cell-based screening and profiling, which can help understand the characteristic of candidates in less time. And these screenings are high-throughput, large amounts of data can be obtained from once assay.

ADME and Pharmacokinetic Services

Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic is an important part of the new drug discovery. We use different techniques to identify the behavior of new drugs during the metabolic process. All these assays offer a comprehensive view of the compounds at early stages in new drug discovery,which can help optimize the new drug in time.

Drug Toxicity Services

Evaluate the toxicity of the new drug in pre-clinic is a necessary step in the drug creating process. Toxicity testing not only needs to be done in vivo but also on appropriate cell model or organ models in vitro. Cell-based assays are more practical and effective, especially at an early stage, and are free of ethical problems. Typically, data obtained from cell-based assays are highly reproducible and informative with low covariance. In addition, cell-based assays involve precise measurement of biological process in cells, enabling a more straightforward knowledge to human reaction.

3D-based Services

2D cell cultures have been widely used in the cell-based drug discovery tests, but it can't display the completed real situation and may lead more drug failure in the following phases. Meanwhile, 3D cell cultures exhibit more in-vivo-like behaviors such as cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix (ECM) interactions. Screening tests based on 3D-cultured cells can provide more reliable and applicable results, reducing the failure of the drug in the future.

Creative Bioarray is specialized in cell-based assays using various well-described cell lines and up-to-date technologies, capable of designing and developing custom cell-based assays and producing reliable and predictable results to help you accelerate your drug discovery process. With our in-depth scientific and technical expertise, Creative Bioarray will be your best partner in the drug development field. Do not hesitate to contact us. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

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