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Mycoplasma Detection & Elimination

Mycoplasma Detection & EliminationMycoplasmas are small, round or filamentous prokaryotic organisms that lack cell walls. It has been estimated that at least 15%-80% cell cultures are contaminated with mycoplasma. Although mycoplasma does not cause visible damage to cells, it undeniably affects cell metabolism, cell growth in culture, protein synthesis, cytokine secretion, and even causes damage to DNA and RNA.

Many techniques are available for detection of mycoplasma, including Microbiological culture, fluorescence staining, ELISA, immunostaining, direct or indirect PCR. Based on different diverse techniques, Creative Bioarray has developed various TestTM Mycoplasma Detection kit for your choice to detect all important species of Mycoplasma infection in cell cultures.

Due to their small size and deformability, mycoplasmas can pass through 0.22µm filter. The lack of cell wall makes mycoplasma unresponsive to common antibiotics that target cell wall synthesis. These factors raise the issue of how to eliminate mycoplasma contamination. By using a combination of antibiotic and antimetabolic agents, Creative Bioarray has launched CureTM Mycoplasma Elimination Solution to eliminate mycoplasma in as few as 4 days.

TestTM Mycoplasma Detection kit

Description: The kit is an easy-to-use, multi-platform detection method, performed on any...                    

Cat#: MD-RT                  INQUIRY

Description: Specific primers have been designed for the 16S rRNA sequences conserved in most...                    

Cat#: MD-PR                  INQUIRY

Description: Creative Bioarray Test™ Mycoplasma Biochemical Detection kit is a Mycoplasma...                    

Cat#: MD-BC                  INQUIRY

CureTM Mycoplasma Elimination Solution

Description: Cure™ Mycoplasma Elimination Solution is a treatment based on the combination...                    

Cat#: ME-AG                  INQUIRY

Mycoplasma Detection & Elimination Service is also available at Creative Bioarray, for any further inquiry please feel free to contact us.

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