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3D-Based Drug Discovery Services

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In response to the increasing need for tests using 3D cell culture systems in the drug discovery field, Creative Bioarray has developed a panel of 3D-based drug discovery services, including high-content imaging, high-throughput toxicity screening, general toxicity (ATP content), and hepatotoxicity assays with more other assays in development, to provide more predictable data to in vivo tests.

2D cell cultures have been widely used in the cell-based drug discovery tests and have served as a simple and cost-effective tool to quickly screening drug candidates instead of high-cost in vivo animal tests. However, due to its limitations of not being able to realistically mimic in vivo cell behaviors, 2D cell culture-based tests are unable to rule out compounds that lack clinical efficacy or cause unacceptable toxicity, and consequently lead to more drug failure in the following more expensive phases of drug development.

Meanwhile, 3D cell cultures have been shown to exhibit more in-vivo-like behaviors and responses compared to 2D cultures, with cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix (ECM) interactions as well as nutrient and drug spatial gradient that resemble in vivo environments. Drug tests using 3D cell cultures are capable of providing more reliable and applicable results, enabling better estimate of in vivo responses and lower overall cost by reducing future drug failure incidents.

3D-Based Drug Discovery Services

Creative Bioarray is dedicated to helping our clients discover highly promising drug candidates at a low cost using our well-developed 3D-based drug discovery services:

High-throughput toxicity screening service: rapidly evaluates the general toxicity of multiple compounds at a range of different concentrations;

High content imaging service: evaluates drug efficacy and toxicity by simultaneously measuring multiple phenotypical parameters using state-of-art automated fluorescence imaging techniques;

ATP content assay: gives out IC50 and minimum effective concentration (MEC) as well as general toxicity information of a compound using our 3D cell culture models.

Hepatotoxicity assay: provides reliable multi-parametric hepatotoxicity data using 3D hepatocyte spheroids from several species.

With more 3D-based assays in development, Creative Bioarray aims at becoming an ideal partner for you in the field of drug development. Our highly experienced scientific team are able to tailor the assays to accommodate your needs. Please feel free to contact us at or 1-631-626-9181 to find out more about our services and capabilities. We look forward to working with you in the near future.


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