Special Autumn Promotion

Special Autumn Promotion

Creative Bioarray is happily offering a Special Autumn Promotion for all of our products and services to all new customers and especially to our regular clients, in order to thank you for your trust and support in the past days of 2017!!

For pre-made products
Get 10% off for our cell products. Promo code: Pre-CBA9C
Get 8% off for our probes and bio-sample products. Promo code: Pre-CBA9PB
Regular clients get an extra 5% off for our products!!

For customized products/services
Get 8% off for all of our cell based services. Promo code: Pre-CBA9CS
Get 7% off for all of cell-based drug discovery services. Promo code: CS-CBA9CDDS
Get 7% off for all of our histology services. Promo code: CS-CBA9HS
Regular clients get an extra 3% off for our services!

Terms and Conditions 
• The promotion above is valid during Sep.1-Sep.31.
• Promotion code must be quoted on your order.
• The promotion applies only to direct customers.
• Creative Bioarray reserves the right of final explanation and revision for the offer at any time.

For research use only. Not for any other purpose.