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Primary Cell Types

Primary Cell TypesPrimary cells are terminally differentiated cells that can be isolated from the tissue or organ of interest. These cells provide a more realistic model of human health and disease because their physiology more closely resembles the tissue from which they were extracted. However, isolating primary cells is a notoriously time-consuming and resource-intensive process, so let us do this bit for you.

Creative Bioarray is your partner for Primary Cell Research.

At Creative Bioarray, we produce a variety of primary cell types, from many different donors. Printable certificates are available for each listed primary cell type. Additional isolates (which may be paired, age, gender, haplotype, and/or ethnic-specific) of certain cell types may be available, please contact customer service.

We also manufacture a large selection of cell culture media. Each medium is balanced and supplemented expressly for a particular cell type to maximize the life expectancy of individual cell type.

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