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CABR™ Animal Probes

Creative Bioarray has experienced experts in the field of animal probes. We offer a set of CABRTM animal probes for our customers to detect or confirm the genetic signal, which can also be applied for the functional researches of animal DNA sequences. Our high-quality animal probes can help describe the temporal and spatial patterns of gene expression in animal cells and tissues, but with lower cost. As a comprehensive supplier of FISH probes, what we offered strictly observe the standard of probes, acquiring highly evaluation from customers.

List of CABRTM Animal Probes

CABR™ Animal Probes


Our mouse probes include both chromosome paint probe and chromosome point probe which contain 19 normal mouse chromosomes and X&Y pair chromosomes. Our probes also involved all mouse centromeric probes, mouse aneuploidy probe kit, and RAB9B/DSCR probe for you to choose.

CABR™ Animal Probes


We provide rat chromosome X paint probe and rat chromosome Y paint probe for the specific chromosome study and genetic research of rats.

CABR™ Animal Probes


Bovine pan centromeric autosomal probe, chromosome Y point probe, and chromosome X point probe are available to allow the study on this species.

CABR™ Animal Probes


We have three products for porcine animal research, such as porcine chromosome 1 probe, porcine chromosome Y probe, and porcine chromosome X probe.

CABR™ Animal Probes


We offer dog chromosome 1 FISH probe and dog chromosome XY FISH probe for the targeted research of dog.

CABR™ Animal Probes


We also have products like cynomolgus monkey XY chromosome FISH probe for the detection of monkey chromosome to facilitate your research.

Our Advantages

  • We provide a wide range of animal probes for you to choose the type can suits your sample research best.
  • Our animal probes can accurately determine gene positions and test sequences with high specificity and sensitivity.
  • All of our products are low cross-reactivity, which guarantee the results we get are accurate and consistent.

Creative Bioarray has spent decades of efforts to develop our animal probe products. Now we can provide first class services for the gene studies and chromosome researches in clinical diagnosis or pharmaceutical industry. It’s really glad for us to reach such a higher stage in providing CABRTM probes products to solve your problems. If you have any additional requirements and questions, please do not hesitate to contact us to learn how we can help with your needs. We look forward to working with you in the future.

For research use only. Not for any other purpose.

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